Law Office of John S. Kendall, P.C.

Registered Patent & Trademark Attorney:

John S. Kendall, Esq.


  • An applicant must respond to that Office Action within six months after it is mailed. If you fail to properly file a response in a timely manner, the USPTO will declare your application abandoned and end the application process.

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  • We bring a world of proven expertise to our practice of international trademark filings. Our attorneys have extensive international trademark filing experience, and are supported by a dedicated staff that helps ensure the rapid and cost-effective resolution of all matters.

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  • We take pride in understanding your business from top to bottom so that we can secure patent claims that matter. Our team consists of experts in electronic filing, including e-filing of U.S. and PCT patent applications, docketing software, and electronic filing of Information Disclosure Statements, Assignments, and Maintenance Fees.

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